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What a month for Paws and Claws……

So at last we have our approval from Council for the Development in Craiglie. It feels like it was a long road but one well worth it. Finally we can say we have a new home….. Whilst it may still just be a factory, we are confident that it wont take another 10 years before this dream becomes a reality.

With the approval we now are in a unconditional approval to purchase the property in Teamsters Close and will settle on the property very shortly. I think it would be appropriate to say that now the real hard work will begin as we move forward towards the conversion process. We know it wont be cheap, but we now have a property that we can apply for grants and philanthropic donations for.

Once open the the facility will also offer a state of the art Boarding Kennel, homeless animal refuge, cattery, dedicated puppy care centre, grooming, administration and on site accommodation. This will be a long over due asset for the shire which we will be able to cater for the many locals and tourists who want their fury kids looked after in the best way possible.

The charity shop has now opened again in Mossman next door to the Mossman Bakery in Front Street. This larger property has a great range and we will be selling furniture items as well in the near future from our online shop. The charity shop is open 6 days a week, 10-4 Monday to Friday, and 10-1 Saturday. Thank you to everyone who has donated items and supported the shop.

Lastly a really big thank you to all the committee members past and present, all of our members, supporters and volunteers. To all those that drive around with our stickers on your cars, showing your support, to all the Facebook followers thank you… We can only do all that we have done because of the amount of love and support that we receive… With out each and everyone of you who has volunteered, donated or even just shared on Facebook we would not be where we are today. I also must say thank you to our Council and Mayor who have supported our efforts over the years and also have contributed to us getting this final result.

Lets hope that this is the last of the curse that has over shadowed this association for so long and may the future be positive, adventurous and successful….

Thank you……..

Michael Kerr
President, Paws and Claws

The Homeless Animal Society & Boarding Kennels maintains a “pro life” policy meaning no animal is euthanized unless suffering from a debilitating disease or has repeatedly attacked another animal or person and cannot be retrained or rehoused.

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