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Lots of changes are underway for Paws and Claws. There is still no solution for the animal shelter.

Kyle Cordwell finishes up with Paws and Claws on 6th March and everyone at Paws and Claws wishes him well in his new job at Wildlife Habitat. Kyle has been with Paws and Claws for nearly 3 years and helped the refuge improve the management and welfare of the dogs and cats in his care.

Paws and Claws has advertised for an Operations Manager to replace the Kennel Manager position. There is a change of focus. The new position will be involved with fundraising, grant writing and liaising with other refuges and community organisations. Unfortunately due to the low population and transient nature of our region Paws and Claws can no longer run a foster care program but will take advantage of many other programs and facilities in the region for the time being whilst concentrating on the fundraising for a new facility. All the dogs and cats that were in foster care, have now been adopted.

The charity shop now has 9 volunteers, working under the volunteer co-ordinator Lynne McCord and is open 6 days a week 10-4 Monday to Friday, and 10-1 Saturday. This has proven to be a great fund raiser for the organisation. Thankyou to everyone who has donated items and supported the shop.

Paws and Claws now has formalised its membership process, and offers membership cards, and some special offers and discounts to its members. Many thanks to Nicole Scott from Pawfection Pet Service for sponsoring the March special offer. More information about the special offers and Pawfection is provided below. If any other businesses would like to support us by making a special offer to members, please get in touch

Michael Kerr
President, Paws and Claws

The Homeless Animal Society & Boarding Kennels maintains a “pro life” policy meaning no animal is euthanized unless suffering from a debilitating disease or has repeatedly attacked another animal or person and cannot be retrained or rehoused.

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Paws and Claws are going through some changes including a new website.

Please be patient as it is constructed.

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