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On behalf of the Committee we would like to thank everyone for their ongoing support, through what may at the moment seem another hurdle. Whilst this is not what we were wanting to happen it is where we now are.

We believe that we have the right solution to providing a state-of-the-art animal rescue and boarding facility in this Shire. But a small group believe that we cannot create what we have said we will, and do not want the facility at this location. Whilst we have differing opinions, everyone is entitled to have an opinion.

We ask that our supporters respect that, and that we do not want a witch hunt on these businesses. They all employ local people, some who want this property to go ahead and be developed. There are many businesses in the industrial estate that are very, very much in support of this facility, too many to name.

We do ask that if and when you find out who the people are that have lodged the appeal by all means discuss it with them, let them know that you are in support and why. Ask them to explain to you what their issues are, perhaps you might succeed where we have failed.

We are prepared to fight this to the end as we have no choice. If we let this dream go, that will be the end of Paws and Claws. There is nowhere else for us to be in this shire. We have looked, council has looked, DTMR (state gov) have looked. We did not take the expensive route lightly to build an indoor, sound proof facility, it was more an only option, so let’s make it the best one we can.

Appeals are a very expensive process for not only the person making the appeal, but also for those who are defending it. We have the money to do so and we are prepared to see this to the end! The saddest part though, it is money that should be going into building this property not paying legal costs.

No one will win in this other than lawyers, it will cost Paws and Claws, Council rate payers and the appellants. All to attempt to stop a charity that saves animals, building a facility that you won’t even know is there once completed …

Michael Kerr
President, Paws and Claws

The Homeless Animal Society & Boarding Kennels maintains a “pro life” policy meaning no animal is euthanized unless suffering from a debilitating disease or has repeatedly attacked another animal or person and cannot be retrained or rehoused.

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