Our New Home


This project is currently on hold as neighbours of the proposed facility have lodged an appeal against the approval given by council. We are currently proceeding through the legal battle. the mediation date has been set for the 22nd of February 2019

The committee of the Homeless Animal Society and Boarding Kennels is extremely happy now that the Douglas Shire Council has approved its Development Application to convert the previously occupied LOTSA Printing factory Teamsters Drive into a modern indoor animal facility.

After 10 years of searching we are over the moon knowing that the association at last has a home to continue the incredible work the staff and volunteers do in rescuing abandoned and homeless animals. This state of the art indoor soundproof building will see the association rescuing animals well into the future. With the assistance of a planning consultant and a recognised Acoustic Engineer firm we were able to show that this is possible and will not impact any of the nearby industrial businesses or residential properties.

We do appreciate that some may have had concerns from the history of the previous refuge, which was literally an old house and some cyclone fencing. This project is the extreme opposite, on completion the property will have cost well over the million-dollar mark and will consist of a soundproof housing facility and partially enclosed and monitored run areas acoustically designed where limited dogs will be rotated and able to leisure outside during day light hours.

The association has now entered into a unconditional contract of sale for the premises with the Council Change of Material Use approval. We have searched examples and received advice from the many indoor facilities that there are now in Australia and have taken the best practices to ensure we can successfully operate this facility to the highest level. These modern facilities are built to ensure the safety and comfort of our fur legged babies and we look forward to what the future now holds.

With the purchase of the land and existing building the association can now attempt to apply for grant funding and philanthropic donations to complete the conversion process. we have also started a GO-Fundme page which we hope our members and supporters will spread far and wide. Our next step will to be to get the full building drawing completed which will contain the required conditions that have been placed on the association by council in the approval. With these drawing completed we will be able to go and get final costings on what the conversion will cost.

The association is extremely grateful for the support it has continued to receive and it is obviously clear that the love for the association and the animals that it has cared for is abundant. We truly hope that the promises we have received over the many years will now come to fruition now that we have successfully secured a new home. It is imperative that the supporters of Paws and Claws continue to keep the word out there and help share the story of what we have been through and now how they can help this project become a reality as soon as possible. Donations can be made via

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