About Us

The Paws and Claws Refuge and Boarding Centre serviced the region north of Cairns to the Daintree including Julatten on the Tablelands.  The refuge provided assistance to the homeless and neglected domesticated animals of the region as well as providing a boarding service for dogs and a clipping service for pets.  Paws and Claws also offered the ability to purchase animals through its re-housing programs.

Paws and Claws maintains a “pro life” policy which means no animal is euthanized unless it is suffering from a debilitating disease or has repeatedly attacked another animal or person and cannot be retrained or rehoused.

In September 2016 Paws and Claws lost its home due to a new development being built on its existing site. For over 10 years the association had been looking for land to be able to build a new refuge facility on with numerous failed attempts.

In October 2017 the Queensland State Government gave a contribution of $300,000 to go towards purchasing a property as the search for all smaller blocks had been exhausted. The association located a closed printing factory in the industrial estate and commenced enquiries as to whether the factory could be converted to a sound proof indoor facility.

This was proven that it was possible by sound engineers and a Development Application was lodged with Council. After vigorous vetting this was approved by Council. The association settled on the property the same day that a legal appeal was lodged with the Planning and Environmental Courts.

After a successful mediation we have worked extremely hard to complete a design that not only will meet councils conditions but will be in the best interest of the animals that it will hold.

We were ecstatic at the news that Warren Entsch and the Federal Government committed $500,000 to the project to assist us in getting this over the line.

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