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Job Description: Operations Manager 31/01/2018

Location: Homeless Animal Society and Boarding Kennels Inc Mossman QLD
Part Time: 26 hours per week – 12 month contract (option to extend)
Salary: $32500 plus 9.5% super and company vehicle (negotiable dependent on experience)

The Homeless Animal Society and Boarding Kennels Inc. is an established charity operated by an Incorporated Body Committee and Volunteers. As we are still searching for land to build a new refuge facility our main outlet is our charity shop located at 1/2 Front Street Mossman QLD.

Under the trading name of Paws and Claws the association has been in existence for 28 years and funds itself through animal adoptions from a current foster care system, charity retail shop, donations and fund raising.

Reports to: The President of the Management Committee

Responsible for: All operations of the association and volunteers

Key Relationships:
Internal: Association President and Management Committee, Treasurer, Volunteers and Clients
External: Douglas Shire Council, RSPCA, Bio Security, veterinary surgeries, Cairns Animal Welfare,
Other Animal Welfare bodies, other supporters including local companies, organisations, grant making trusts and foundations.

Key Objectives:
• To provide strong leadership, direction and management in relation to all aspects of the
Associations activities, including service provision, volunteering and fundraising.
• To represent the Association in various public contexts and to develop and maintain
relationships with key external partners and agencies.
• To facilitate the continued expansion and development of the Association’s services through effective partnership working and increasing current and other potential income streams.
• To manage the implementation of the Association’s strategic plan and to develop and
manage annual operational plans, ensuring they are continually the central drivers of the
Association’s work

Principal Accountability
• Provide clear leadership, direction and management for the Association and volunteers.
• Act as a source of inspiration, motivation and support for all employees and volunteers.
• Ensure all association areas are set annual objectives which are regularly reviewed.
• Prepare and implement annual business operational plans which reflect the agreed strategy of the Association, and develop and maintain systems to monitor the progress of those plans
• Work with and support the Management Committee to ensure good governance of the
• Ensure that the legal requirements of the Registered Charity arm of the association are met.
• Attend and report to the Management Committee as required. Report management
information to the Committee in a timely and accurate manner, to reflect the service
delivery and other achievements of the Association.
• Ensure the timely production of papers and reports as required.
• Ensure that the Management Committee are kept abreast of changes in legislation, policy
and other drivers of the Association’s work.
• Ensure the continued development, quality levels and effectiveness of service delivery.
• Develop and maintain a relationship with local support services to gain a thorough
knowledge of provisions we could make available for disadvantaged and older people,
including vet assistance and de-sexing.
• Evaluate services to ensure that an efficient, effective, quality service is being provided at all times.
• Facilitate consultation with service users to ensure that the Association continues to be
responsive to their needs.
• Monitor demand for services and manage resource allocation.
• Evaluate, cost and implement new initiatives and service delivery opportunities.
• Develop and maintain relationships with external agencies and partners.
• Increase the Association’s profile, reach and influence.
• Participate in partnership meetings and other forums as relevant.
• Positively represent and promote the Association in all its dealings with external agencies
• Ensure compliance across all media with the Association’s brand guidelines, including online and in print, ensuring that all output is of the highest quality and reflects well on the Association.
• Manage and delegate overall editorial function of the Association’s newsletter, website and social media channels.
• Oversee the fundraising function, and manage & develop the charity arm’s income streams.
• Build and maintain excellent relationships with existing and potential statutory and
voluntary sector funders in order to maximise income from these sources.
• Ensure the effective management of existing income-generating service delivery contracts, including the timely reporting to funding bodies as required.
• Lead on and actively engage in the development, planning and delivery of a fundraising
strategy to maximize income in order to secure the long-term future of the Association and
to ensure that financial targets can be met.
• Build and maintain profitable long-term relationships with current and potential
donors/supporters in order to grow existing funding streams.
• Build on existing fundraising activity, developing new and imaginative fundraising activities.
• Increase funds through researching and targeting grant-making charitable trusts and
foundations whose criteria match the objectives of the Association.
• Oversee the Human Resource and finance functions of the Association along with the
President, Treasurer and Association Accountant.
• In conjunction with the Management Committee take responsibility for ensuring excellent practice in all aspects of HR including:
➢ Volunteer Recruitment, Training, development and appraisal systems.
➢ Write, develop and maintain HR and Operation Policies.
➢ Ensure that volunteer resources are used as effectively and efficiently as                                   possible, aiming for maximum levels of service provision.
➢ Maintaining and building on the strong shared sense of identity, culture and                           team work that already exists within the Association.
• In conjunction with the President, Treasurer and bookkeeper, take responsibility for
ensuring an effective performing finance function including:
➢ Production of the annual budget for approval by the Management Committee.
➢ Reporting of management information to enable monitoring of financial                                 performance against that budget.
➢ Production of accounts and Annual Returns to enable the Management                                     Committee to fulfil its statutory reporting requirements with external auditors.
➢ Production of reports of expenditure utilisation as required.
➢ Preparation of costings for existing and proposed activities.
➢ Ensuring that expenditure is properly approved, recorded and managed in line                       with agreed budgets and the Association’s policies
➢ Work with the Management Committee to ensure adequate internal controls are
implemented in order to minimise risk of waste or fraud

Oversee Health & Safety and Risk Management
• Ensure a “safety-first” culture pervades the Association.
• Devise and implement a Risk Management Schedule to monitor key areas of risk in the
• Monitor changes in applicable law and regulations.
• Any other responsibilities commensurate with the role or required to fulfil the expectations of the position

Person Specification: Operation Manager

Knowledge and Experience
• Management experience: preferably in a voluntary sector or non-profit organisation.
• Experience in the Animal Care / rehoming industry and retail sectors
• Direct involvement in the development of strategy, business plans and organisational polices.
• Sound financial awareness, including experience of managing and controlling budgets / resources / funding / audit and an understanding of financial management procedures.
• Direct experience of the voluntary fundraising environment, encompassing community fundraising, Grant writing and foundations.
• Experience of marketing and promoting an organisation to increase awareness and support.
• Experience in working with, and implementing, quality systems to ensure high quality services are delivered.
• Experience of working with and managing volunteers.

Skills, Abilities and Competencies
• Committed and highly self-motivated with ability to delegate, enthuse, inspire and motivate others in order to ensure the objectives of the Association are achieved.
• The ability to work in a self-directed manner, and as part of a team, including ability to develop and build good working relationships with all stakeholders and partners.
• Excellent organisational, written and verbal communication skills.
• The ability to network and communicate with a wide range of personnel including animal care professionals, charity representatives and fundraisers.
• Highly professional approach to all tasks.
• Ability to work under pressure, managing competing priorities, and ensuring deadlines are met.
• Good organisational, administrative and time-management skills.
• Computer literacy in dealing with standard MS Office packages, including spreadsheets.

The mission of the organisation is to promote, foster, develop, manage and co-ordinate the protection and care of maltreated animals in the Douglas region; To provide a safe refuge for homeless animals and endeavour to find suitable homes within the broader community; and to provide boarding accommodation for animals as a service to the general community.

In the late 1990’s two wonderful women, well known in the community for their tireless efforts with homeless and neglected animals, saw an opportunity to establish an animal refuge for the Port Douglas/Mossman region. Jenn Cooper, founder of Animal Welfare Port Douglas and Fiona Buchanan founder of Friends of the Animals approached the International Fund for Animal Welfare for assistance in the purchase of a private boarding kennel business operating in Craiglie just outside Port Douglas. They were successful in their request for funds and in February 1999 purchased what is now known as the Homeless Animal Society and Boarding Kennels.
Over the years Paws and Claws Kennels, as it is now known, has become an integral part of the community. The refuge/kennels rehouses approximately 100-150 animals per annum which now includes cats and kittens as well as dogs and puppies. In September 2016 Paws and Claws lost its home due to a new development being built on its existing site. For over 10 years the association had been looking for land to be able to build a new refuge facility on with numerous failed attempts.

Commencing with a 12-month contracted part time role the association looks to move to the next level. Utilising your extensive experience, you will take control of the ground operation of the association. Consisting of a foster care program, second hand charity shop and fundraising arm you will utilise your skills to streamline these operations to ensure they are financially secure and operating to their peak ability.

The new Operations Manager will have the opportunity to review current services and programs and implement a wide variety of new, resourceful and needed endeavours. As the new facility develops, he or she will be able to review the operations organisational structure, current policies and procedures and make changes as he/she sees fit.

Currently the operation works on all volunteers. Operating the associations revenue producing streams, including ensuring that the charity shop is running at maximum efficiency, and increasing sales. Animals that are held in foster care are vet checked, foster carers guided and checked and re-homed in appropriate time periods. Introducing and organising charity fund raising events and applying for grant funding are all key objectives of the new Operations Manager. Continuing to be a partner and collaborator with the other re-homing groups in the region is another priority.

Finally, the new Operations Manager, in conjunction with the Association President, will be a visionary to imagine the challenges of animal welfare in the next five-to-ten years and formulate plans to address those issues. This person will be a representative of The Homeless Animal Society and Boarding Kennels Inc. to other animal welfare organisations and government bodies such as Douglas Shire Council, RSPCA and Bio Securities; a leader who will be sought after for advice and information. A passionate advocate for the animals first and foremost, the new Operations Manager will oversee a growing and multi-faceted operation to help The Homeless Animal Society and Boarding Kennels Inc. become a leader in improving the human-animal bond.

Reporting to the President of the Association, the Operations Manager, is responsible for direction and supervision of all animal-related facility programs, procedures and resources including: animal housing, adoptions, spay/neuter clinics and initiatives, and any other innovative programs related to the overall humane care and well-being of animals. The Operations Manager is responsible for the direction and supervision of all aspects of the retail arm of the association including any innovative programs to increase sales to generate funds for the association.

The Operations Manager is responsible for the fund-raising aspects of the charity arm of the association and will be required to create and operate fund raising events for the association whilst also utilising their knowledge in available grants to apply for funds to assist the association.

The role of the Operations manager is to bring vision and progressive ideas on the future of animal welfare to the association. Strategic operations and management will be two of the most important responsibilities of the new Operations Manager. S/he will develop a culture that empowers growth, appreciates volunteers, respects everyone equally and applies best practice business leadership and management skills. A strong and demonstrated background in Non-Profit charity work within animal care and retail operations is necessary along with a strong knowledge in fund raising and grant

Passion, integrity, honesty and trust are key qualities of the Operations Manager. It is expected that the individual could at times be the spokesperson for the association and will be visible with the general public, veterinary community, animal welfare advocates, government officials, local groups, schools, media, volunteers and other key stakeholders to promote animal welfare and the mission of The Homeless Animal Society and Boarding Kennels.


Provide creative, progressive and constructive ideas to strategic initiatives to ensure that the goals and objectives of The Homeless Animal Society and Boarding Kennles are successfully achieved. Provide vision and direction for the future growth of programs, policies and procedures for the Foster Care, Retail Shop and Charity Arm of the association. Offer leadership to the volunteers in all their activities; develop goals in collaboration with the volunteers; provide guidance, stability, support and collaboration to a staff of generous volunteers.

Plan, organise and implement programs to place more animals including transfer and foster programs; review, update or institute new programs that meet this objective; ensure the quality of all programs is maintained; develop new and creative programs to increase adoptions and address animal homelessness issues in the region; ensure that all animals are kept in a clean, safe and comfortable environment.

Working with the association President draft and oversee the operation budgets and ensure sound fiscal management. Develop and implement cost-saving measures; contribute to profit and revenue income. Ensure that all statistics are kept up to date and are easily retrievable, prepare and maintain necessary records, reports and procedural manuals. Analyse statistical data to develop new strategies, figure projections, and determine trends. Develop and conduct research projects. Regularly compile and present reports to the association committee on facility operations and activities.

Empower and develop volunteers so they feel they are an integral part of association. Provide training opportunities and incentive programs so that volunteers are encouraged and excited about assisting us. Ensure that volunteers are well informed of decisions that affect them and the outlet and ensure that those policies are explained and communicated clearly and concisely. Develop and implement procedures to ensure good management, administrative and fiscal practices; ensure that the volunteers understand the vision and direction of the association and that in return they will be able to develop and mature in their roles and responsibilities; lead by example and maintain the highest professional standards and practices for association.

Serve, when needed, as the spokesperson for the Homeless Society and Boarding Kennels Inc. Ensure that the retail outlet is always attractively presented and welcoming to guests, potential adopters, general public and other constituents who visit the facilities. Ensure that the association name and brand name “Paws and Claws” are always protected and held in the highest respect when dealing with any media, government officials, media or members of the public.

We are seeking a dynamic, energetic and experienced leader and manager with a track record of innovative and inclusive leadership.

Demonstrated accomplishments in animal care, retail operations, fund raising, personnel
management, and financial oversight are needed. The ideal candidate will bring strong and
successful leadership skills from a similar position or have similar work experiences. The person we seek will be an effective manager of human, financial and creative resources. Personnel management skills that include an ability to work collaboratively, listen, have a positive attitude, provide feedback, build morale, delegate and make decisions are essential.

We seek a candidate who has management acumen as well as the ability to assess and maintain policies and procedures for building programs and delivering results. The successful candidate will excel in planning, developing and determining success in programs and initiatives. This will require experience with the principles and practices of program management including basic statistical methods, fiscal and budgetary practices, and knowledge of local, state and federal regulations for the workplace.

Qualified individuals will have excellent communication skills and can articulate the benefits and challenges of animal welfare to both the internal organisation as well as to the public. The ideal candidate will be motivated by the best interests of the organisation, will demonstrate success managing change and will have a strong customer service orientation.

The Animal Foundation is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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